Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yes, yes, yes!

Do you know what this is? This is not just any ol' pile of junk, my friends. This. This pile of junk belongs to a house painter! Yes, indeedy! The Bangor Foursquare is finally, finally, FINALLY going to get a well-deserved facelift! We have hired Graduate Painting LLC to pretty-up this crack-house-looking old place. Woot and double woot!

If you recall, Tim and I seriously misjudged the scope and amount of work scraping and repainting the Bangor Foursquare would be. After about four months of work in every spare minute we had, all we were able to finish was the porch. Granted, the most detailed work was there but, still, we had absolutely no idea how big this job was going to be (or how suck-tastic it would be). See below our work:
So, we are beyond delighted that the Graduate Painting will be here in the next couple weeks to scrape this bad boy and get her looking a little less embarrassing. Therefore, behold the "before" photos and strap in, folks! I am just way too excited!

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