Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Housiversary!



It is the one year anniversary of owning our house today! Hooray! How the time has flown!

And, what better way to commemorate one's housiversary than to buy a power tool and fix sumpin'.

I have been staring at bare drywall and plaster for six months now and finally decided to fix those dang baseboards. A couple were destroyed in trying to remove them to prep for the floor so I finally sucked it up and bought me one of them there compound miter saws. Oh, yeah, baby. It was actually a pretty sweet deal - we got a couple gift cards for the holidays (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and used them to get the saw.

I will confess my deep, dark secret to you, though: I am a bit terrified of power saws of any kind. The only power saw with which I feel comfortable is the jigsaw - probably because it seems more isolated to one spot and it's just generally easier to maneuver. So I was a big wuss and had Thom do a couple of the cuts but woo-doggies, does it cut nice! After using the stupid miter box for the trim on the cabinets a few months ago, I totally see the wisdom, efficiency, and super awesomeness of the power miter saw. I can't wait to finish up this puppy and get the molding on!

Anyway, Happy Houseiversary!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okay, okay!

Wow, who knew that mentioning New Jersey could cause such a stir! Well, after much soul searching and contemplation, the Bangor Foursquare will still be in Maine. It was tough giving up such a nice salary and perks but our hearts are in Maine. Moreover, when I had our realtor come by the other day to give us an appraisal, I had a complete visceral reaction when she told me she was certain that the first person to walk in our house would want it. I thought, "What? Someone else can't have MY house!" So, I'm clearly not ready to give up this house yet.

So, all is well here. No harm, no foul.

In the meantime, I have found that I loathe miter boxes. I too am a product of my quick-fix generation and do not like to spend excessive amounts of time doing something that I could do in a matter of seconds. To make matters worse, I spent 30 minutes cutting a baseboard's miter to only find out that it was 2 inches too short for the space. Sigh. This is what happens when one has taken too long of a break from home improvement.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caulk rocks!

Hark, fair readers! I have returned from a lengthy respite. Okay, maybe not so much a respite - I've been ridiculously busy with work. But the home improvement bug has bitten me once again. After staring at the cracking paint around the inlay of the cabinet doors for the past several months I finally decided to do something about it. Using nothing more than common latex caulk, I have fixed the problem. So for those of you attempting to paint cabinets such as ours, I would recommend caulking the inlaid portion of the doors first before priming and painting. It really has made a big difference.

My big plan is to finish up the details over spring break. Paul is willing to loan us his tile tools (including wet saw!) and I will finish the backsplash. We also need to get the thresholds redone and there is still a bit of trim and baseboards to fix. Perhaps I can talk my wonderful husband into helping me do this project tomorrow.

In other news, this Bangor blogger may soon become a Jersey blogger as I have been offered a job at Rutgers. I'm still contemplating this news but the idea of having to sell the house is certainly inspiring a bit of motivation. I would really hate the idea of taking a loss on the house in this market, however, so we've also discussed the idea of keeping it for a few years and perhaps renting it to a fine, upstanding faculty member or graduate student. We'll see what happens. I have a couple weeks to decide. It breaks my heart to think of leaving Maine - we do so love it here - and leaving this house is even more unsettling. Perhaps a new foursquare is awaiting us in New Jersey? I'm sure there may be one, just probably at the cost of three times what we purchased this one.