Monday, August 1, 2011

Bangor Foursquare - For Sale

No, I'm not kidding - I'm selling my lovely home. Believe me, this decision is one of the hardest I've ever had to make - I'll miss this wonderful home. You loyal readers know better than anyone how much of myself I have invested in this house. I only hope that the next owner will love it as much as I have.

Why am I selling, you ask? Because I'm in love. Why now? Because the market is stinky. So, love + stinky market = get out while the getting is better than abysmal....I guess that's as good of reason as any.

For those of you who will be sad to see my amazing blogging and home improvement talents go - the good news is that I will continue to work on Tim's house once I move in (lots of home improvement fun awaiting me in the countryside!) and perhaps there will be a new blog coming along with me...

So, if you know of anyone looking for a beautiful, structurally-sound, energy efficient, and eco-friendly renovated home in a lovely neighborhood in Bangor, Maine, please let me know. I hope it will be on the market this week.

In the meantime, all kinds of fun little exhausting things on the punch list - today was scraping and painting the front porch floor and stairs (yes, again). Tomorrow will be removing the wheelchair ramp in the back - you know, the one I couldn't give away... and replacing it with steps. And then some general tidying in the attic, the basement, and maybe a little sprucing up in the back entry. Who knows how we'll fare in this market. I hope it's not too painful. Wish me luck.