Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My First DIY

It's often pleasant to walk down memory lane. I was inspired to do so by the new contest sponsored by I have absolutely no qualms about shameless self-promotion if it means a chance at a gift card (hey, we need to finance the bathroom remodel somehow!).

It was fun reminiscing about the first days of homeownership and revisiting my blog posts. Now that we're closing in our second year in the house, I love going back to see how far we've come. What was my very first DIY project? It was ripping down the hideous wallpaper in the kitchen, as you can see above. I quote myself saying, "I was tickled to find out that I could remove all of the wallpaper in the kitchen with one hand, no chemicals or scraping needed! The whole thing took me less time than taping one room to prepare for painting!" Of course, I did come to find that the paint that was underneath that ugly stuff was lead paint.

It's amazing that we went from that to this:

It's even more amazing that I used to tape off rooms before I painted. I really have come a long way in my DIYness and, yes, I love my DIY kitchen!


Turtlemoss said...

I looove your kitchen paint color - do you mind if I ask what it is? Also...what is the black thing at the top of you kitchen walls?
And congrats on the gift card, that is truly awesome!!! :)

Susie said...

Thanks, Turtlemoss :)

The black thing is our doorbell. It's an old thing so we kept it.

The color is from Sherwin Williams called Silvermist. We got it in the low VOC variety. I love their paint!

Holyoke Home said...

Congratulations on your win! I am a little green with envy, but really happy to visit your blog!

Amy said...

Way to go on the gift card!I love reading your blog!