Friday, May 6, 2011

Custom-made toilet seats?

I'm putting out the call for help from my savvy home improvement peeps: I have a friend who is looking for a replacement toilet seat for a toilet that is no longer made. After an exhaustive web search it doesn't appear it's sold anymore. So my question is, does anyone know of a place that can make custom-made toilet seats?

The model and style is the Eljer Savannah (and, yes, I've already sent a stern message to said individual about ordering non-standard items).

I will return shortly for Home Improvement Project 2011: The downstairs powder room!


Karen Anne said...

I guess she's looked on ebay? There seem to be a bunch of Eljer seats there, some with no model name, so I wouldn't just search for Eljer Savannah.

What happened to the old seat, is it possible to refinish it or something?

Another thought, a woodworker could probably make a duplicate.

Marianne said...

Short of replacing the toilet, can the original seat be repaired? There used to be kits for applying an acrylic overlay to just about anything.
Even painted, a couple coats of urethane over the seat would give it a finish that could be cleaned.