Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Alas, fair readers, we have not had much to report as of late. After Thom's surgery things have been a bit slow and I'll admit it, I've been more than a little preoccupied by thoughts of a baby. No, not yet, but maybe sometime soon.

Anyway, in lieu of any new progress we are instead sending out our Halloween wishes. We present our first carved pumpkins in our new house. We're having a big bash on Saturday night too! I'll post a few good pics afterward too. Happy haunting!


Gene said...

I missed reading about Thom's surgery with being down for a while. Glad he's doing OK.

And great pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

Was your dormer in-place or did you add it? I have a foursquare in MA: that I want to refurbish back to it's roots. Plus add two dormers in the attic to increase living space. I'd love to see what your top floor looks like!

Susie said...

Hi, Beantownguy - yes, our house came with the dormer. I think that when we renovate our attic (it's just a blank canvas right now) that we might consider putting in another one at the other side of the house.