Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We went out looking for our Christmas tree today. It was considerably warmer than last year but much more muddy. We were happy to get a ride back from the tractor to avoid some of the nastiness. The lot we've gone to is right outside of Orono (where the University is) and you walk in, tell them what size of tree you think you'll want (we said 6 feet tall), and they tell you where you can find those kind. You bring it back, put it in your car, and then walk back in and they charge you based on what you said you'd find. So refreshingly honest here. It's nice.

On our way back to the house we realized that this is most likely the first Christmas tree this house has ever had (remember that we're in a house that was built in a Jewish neighborhood - walking distance of the synagogues) so it feels kinda special. And, the smell in the house is heavenly.

Decorating the house for the first time also feels very gratifying. I love the holidays and knowing it's in our own house this time feels so great. I was psyched to hang our stockings on the mantle and am very excited to hang some garland on the stair railing. There's a bit of mistletoe in our archway and and we hung our new wreath on the front door and some lights out on our porch. Ahhh, home. I'll put up a few more pictures once the house is decorated.

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Why S? said...

Mazel tov to the house's first Christmas tree.