Friday, May 15, 2009


It's been a crazy past few weekends so I haven't yet been able to put in the thresholds in the kitchen. I'm hoping to do that when I return in June from a slight break. Mostly it's just tweaking the last bit of them, getting some poly on them, and putting them down.

One exciting thing is that we got a picture of our house as it looked in 1930 through the historical society. Our scanner isn't working now but I'll put it up soon. It's interesting to look at - most things are the same except it seems to have been painted grey or blue. I'll get it up soon.

Finally, on a non-sequitor note, I have become addicted to the DIY Network show called Renovation Realities. As far as I can tell, this is the best reality show on television. It's jam-packed with excitement: people who have no idea what they're doing demolishing their homes, usually with power tools. It's non-stop excitement - nail-biting drama. And it just makes you feel that much more competent (episode today - woman thinking studs in the wall run horizontally and then getting towel stuck in circular saw and then trying to pull the towel loose while saw still plugged in). All around good times.


the Pete said...

I LOVE that show!! it makes me feel like such a pro! it also makes my wife seem like a saint. all the wives on renovation realities seem a bit bitchy, and very hands off for the most part.

your before and after pictures of the kitchen are very striking! Great Work.

Ginger said...

We just saw that episode. It made me laugh really hard--they were a funny pair.