Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spatially challenged

Spatially challenged is what I am. Paul (aka The Superhero) came over last Friday to help with the thresholds. After finishing up one in record time he left the task of completing the second one to what I considered capable hands. We watched him do the first one, it made sense, and we learned. Then he left. Ugh. We must have stared at that threshold for a good hour trying to figure it out. Mostly it came down to the fact that when they added the bathroom in the hallway, they had to knock out a section in the kitchen. This resulted in two different sets of baseboards and trim in the kitchen. One on one side of the door and one on the other. The cork floor we laid was also not exactly straight so all of these complex issues and angles threw us into a full blown argument (we really are not allowed to do home improvement together anymore...remind me if I forget). We threw in the towel for the weekend and so, quite nicely, Paul came back over last night and finished it up. He admitted it was a bit more complex than the first one but he still managed it - something I could not have done on my own. So the realization is that I am spatially challenged - especially with things like this. I get it in theory but in practice I fail. I figure it is good to know one's limitations in life.

So the plan is to get these puppies sanded and then a few coats of polyurethane this weekend. Perhaps by Sunday we will have a completed kitchen! Believe it or not!

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