Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are you f*cking kidding me?!?

As I reported last year, someone came and stole my peonies before I could even take a picture of them. They finally bloomed yesterday and I thought I'd go enjoy them (now that the rain stopped for 5 minutes) only to find that someone has AGAIN stolen several of them (see above stem with missing flower). Mother f&cking, son of b%tch, a$$hole losers. I seriously feel like sitting outside with a bat and just waiting for them to come by again. I should at least feel happy that I got a picture of them this year - who knows, they may all be gone by tomorrow. I will quote myself from a year ago and repeat, "Mean people suck."


Fratzels said...

What??? I'll be over with my own bat and sit out front with you! I would call the police and demand they be arrested once we captured them - the I would stand by you while you pressed charges for stealing.


Gene said...

Do you have deer in your area? We used to have some peonies, til the deer figured out the flowers were tasty. They came one night and nom-nom-nom the buds were gone.

Karen Anne said...

I was wondering about noms myself :-)

I used to lose roses from a sidewalk planting area. It turned out to be an elderly lady who lived in an old folks home nearby and had no way to grow stuff. I never said anything to her, just thanked my lucky stars that I was not in her situation. I am sorry that I didn't think to offer her a bunch.