Saturday, June 6, 2009

Final Kitchen Budget Breakdown

Before 1
Before 2

Before 3

After 1

After 2

After 3

Yes, friends, almost a year later I can finally say that the kitchen is done, done, and done. This monumental (and year-long) triumph can only be celebrated with a recap of the damage it did to our wallet. Actually, when it's all said and done, I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out and the way we fanagled some deals to make it happen.

Drywall for ceiling $60
Wiring from Home Depot $30
Lighting from Lowe's $220
New faucet from Home Depot $80
Countertops from Ikea $237
Paint (for cabinets, walls) from Sherwin-Williams $60
Drawer pulls from Lowe's $60
Cork floor from Home Depot $727
Thresholds from Gray and Sons $40
Tile from Lowe's and $100

Total: $1614

Appliances (purchased separately from Sears):
Vent hood $200
Dishwasher $600
Refrigerator $800
Range $1200

Total with appliances: $4334


Kristin and Rob said...

That IS very good! I look forward to seeing some pictures! :)

Jennifer said...

VERY nice! And the price is quite nice, too! I like the color scheme a lot... nice and cool and crisp.

Tracy said...

My dearest friend,

I am SO proud of you for all you've accomplished! I know I've said it already, but it bears repeating. You are a rock star in so many ways, home repair/remodel goddess being but one. Rock on!


Brita said...

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