Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drive by stalking

I have become a stalker. I keep driving slowly by our house everyday checking on the work of the chimney people. It looks like the sellers were there yesterday moving out the rest of the stuff that was in the house and someone was in the basement today doing some work but no more chimney work has been done for a couple weeks. With the closing date scheduled 8 days away I'm very concerned the work won't be done - particularly since the weather has gotten colder and I hear that's not optimal mortar-curing weather. Keep your fingers crossed. I think I just have waited so long and gone through so much to now feel like we may have to put it all off a while longer.

I can hardly stand the wait any longer!


masterblaster2 said...

Ha ha do I ever know that feeling. When Kathy and I bought our first house we would sneak over and look through the windows and it seemed to make us feel giddy like little kids. Good luck and I hope the house does not get a restraining order against you and Thom.

Susie said...

Thanks! I am happy to now know that I can go in too - not just drive by and drool :)