Sunday, January 27, 2008

T-minus 4 days

I think I may insane waiting for the last few days to pass. I keep having all these dreams that something goes wrong with our financing at the last minute and we can't get the house. I guess I just won't feel it's all over until we have the keys in our hands.

In my daily stalking trip yesterday, I see that the masonry people put up plastic around the chimney area but still haven't gotten any brick laid on the outside. They were supposed to have it done yesterday but it looks like it will be Monday or Tuesday. Our final inspection is Tuesday evening so I hope it's done by then.

We're already making plans to immediately go get our appliances ordered after the closing as they told us they'll take a couple weeks to be delivered. I feel like this is a huge decision, but it's probably really not. We're getting a new range, a new refrigerator, and a new washing machine. All Energy Star compliant - the washer is also a front-loader to save water. The kitchen stuff is stainless - and I'm excited about that. We'll wait on a new dishwasher and microwave until this summer, I guess. I'm hoping to find some stick on stainless sheeting, like I saw on HGTV, to put on the front of the current dishwasher to make it match better in the meantime.

Then, Friday and Saturday will be painting and cleaning up. We'll slowly start to move stuff over in the cars and probably put it upstairs until the flooring refinisher is done the following week.

I can hardly stand the wait!

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