Sunday, January 13, 2008

Floor refinishing

After much, much, much discussion we have decided to use some of the proceeds from the retirement check to pay for someone to refinish our hardwood floors downstairs for us. We were really considering doing it ourselves - including much reading, consultation, research, and video rentals on demo - but decided against it. I think if this were our third or fourth home improvement project on the house I'd feel differently but I'm not sure about our skill level at this point. We'll paint the first weekend in February after we move in and the floor guy will come later that week before we move in. We may do the ones upstairs on our own at some point, we'll see.

Here's who we got to do the floors. I called about 6-7 places and one place said they didn't do floors in Bangor any longer but could recommend Don Dickel Floors - I figured that was a good sign if other flooring people were recommending them. It was pretty uniform to get quoted $2/square foot and that's also what we're getting from them:

Besides, this guy was on HGTV! Can't beat that!


Brett said...

We are about to close on a house in Bangor and were considering having Don Dickel finish the floors. How did yours turn out? I hope your enjoying your new home.

Susie said...

BEAUTIFULLY, Brett - we had them first do our floors downstairs (check out February 2008 posts) and then had them do our upstairs this summer because they did such a fabulous job. We constantly get compliments on them and peope always ask, "Are these new floors?" Great service, great clean up, great, great, great!