Saturday, April 4, 2009

The world's tiniest bathroom

Since my threshold-fixing dreams were dashed today I decided to do a little bit more in-depth research on our bathroom renovation plans for this summer. We're going to update the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom and redo the floor and do a pretty major reno on the upstairs (full) bathroom.

As you can see from the photo above, this may very well be the world's smallest half-bath. In fact, it's probably more like a quarter-bath. It measures, literally, 67"x 23" at its widest point. Yes, really. We figure this was once the coat closet that they bumped out into the kitchen to fit the toilet in. Well, given its smaller than small dimensions, finding new fixtures to fit this space has been anything but easy. While the toilet should be relatively easy to find a new sink that will fit is not. Everything I seem to find is just too wide (front to back). It looks like we may need to just the use the one that is there with an updated faucet but, as you can see below, the plumbing runs on the inside of the room. As there doesn't appear much hope in bringing in the wall to hide the plumbing (!) we're pretty much stuck with it as it is. My hope was to get a nice mini pedestal but seeing as that is not doable I was wondering about getting the plumbing re-chromed. Does anyone know if this is possible? Perhaps I wouldn't loathe it as much if it was prettier to look at. As it is now, it's kind of rusted and ugly (and a bit convoluted - while I don't know much about plumbing I wonder about the overly complicated piping under there...).


Salem Kitchen & Bath Studio said...

There is a mini-wall hung lavatory by Porcher that has overall dimensions of 19.5" x 9.5". the model# 26011-00.001. There is one pedestal sink by Kohler "Parigi" K-2175-1/4 that has dimensions of 19.75" x 14" x 32 7/8". I hope this helps, if you can't find them online, let me know - I'll hunt up a dealer in Maine. (I'm a kitchen & bath dealer in MA)

Gene said...

It has an unusual trap, but the plumbing doesn't appear to be overly complicated. A pedestal sink that Monique mentions would let you hide most of it, though.

In college I lived in a studio apartment that had a contender for world's tiniest full bathroom. The toilet was squeezed in a space similar to yours, between a wall and the shower, plus you had to slide past the sink to get to it.

sarah said...

You should be able to drop the plumbing behind the existing wall, if you have access from thr basement. It's a bit cleaner, anyways. We found a teeny corner sink online - I'll have to remember the place. It was a second, actually, so we got it for $35, which is just plain silly.

sarah said...

I remembered - this is the place (and the sink - we did not get the pedestal but mounted it to the wall. They were fine to deal with online; sink arrived perfect in a giant box filled with spray foam. It was interesting to get it out!)

peggy said...

You could hide all that plumbing, and give yourself a teensy bit of storage too, by putting a skirt on that sink. velcro stitched to top edge of skirt, opposite half of velcro stuck on to sink. In this small space, I'd use inverted pleats at the corners. I'd also get rid of the chair rail- it only makes the space look smaller.
(I'm a drapery and soft furnishings fabricator in MS)