Saturday, April 4, 2009

My pain threshold(s)

I know, cheesy, but definitely at my limit with the threshold ridiculousness. I'm off to deal with it today, following up on a tip from our good friends at Bangor Bungalow. There's supposedly a great place in neighboring Brewer that does wood work of all kinds so I'm going to schlep the thresholds over and see what they can do for us. As I mentioned earlier, we have a gap issue between our new cork floor and the existing thresholds from the kitchen to the the three entryways that exit the kitchen. I'm hoping they'll be able to fabricate new ones for us, probably using the router or table saw that I don't have to make up for the gap. I look forward to seeing what can be done and crossing off the second to the last item on our kitchen list (the last is the molding).

Well, as a follow-up, it appears that the woodworking place is not open on the weekends so I'm on hold until next week. To pass the time this morning, I turned on DIY network and am watching a show called Renovation Realities, featuring people doing actual renovation projects that are nightmarish in scope. I feel my blood pressure going up just by watching this mess. Yikes. I wonder if this is what we look like when we're trying to do this stuff!

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