Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everything's coming up azaleas

Our new azalea and our inherited rhodie have begun to bloom. I'm very excited to see the beautiful flowers and to see that some of what we planted is doing well. I say "some" because the hydrangeas seem to be a little pathetic-looking. I read a bit today and found out that they seem to have what is called powdery mildew. I guess this won't affect them (i.e., kill them) but it may affect blooming at some point. Bummer. I think these raised beds just don't have good drainage so we're going to deal with a bit of this. So, anyway, I guess I should be happy that eight of the nine things we planted are doing well.


sarah said...

Wow - they look great! I can't wait to get some mulch so our stuff will look as finished as yours. Things have been very busy on the procurement front, so I haven't gotten the mulch figured out yet! I love azaleas - are they yellowish colored? I couldn't see them well (I'm tired & it's getting late!).

Susie said...

Hey, sarah - yeah, they're white with yellow tinges. They're doing pretty well - the hydrangeas, not so much. We'll see - I can never tell if I'm watering too much or not enough so I kill stuff either way, usually. Of course, with the heat - who knows.