Sunday, June 29, 2008

The kitchen plot thickens

Thom and I did a little investigative work this morning in the kitchen to get a bit of a better idea of what we'll be dealing with. We found, in particular, some interesting carpentry work (see above) behind the wall that joins the powder room to the kitchen. They didn't quite knock it out but rather built out, and apparently not well. Sigh.

I think we'll have to knock down the existing soffets in the kitchen above the cabinets. I'm nervous about the large space up above and how it will look but having 15" soffets I think will look even funnier. Double sigh.

I think the first step will be taking down the existing ceiling and lights and then dealing with the wiring in the ceiling and trying to reroute it. I'm quickly getting over my phobia of electrical work as this doesn't seem terribly difficult to just move the junction box and shift around a few wires, but we'll see. I probably just hexed myself saying that.

I'm excited to get started on it but I'm disappointed by how much work it's going to be compared to with what I anticipated. Lesson learned, right?

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