Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello, gorgeous!

Old one (aka ugly)
New one (aka shiny and new)

This is a true testament to how boring my life really is: I am super excited about getting my new dishwasher. There is just something really satisfying about having an almost completely new-looking kitchen - especially having the appliances match! I happily paid Sears to install this for me, knowing my dislike of working in small, dark, awkward places. I think the $150 was totally worth it, especially seeing how difficult it was to get the old one out (which we're FreeCycling, if anyone is interested). As you can see, I now need to renotch the cork floor to make it fit but am otherwise happy to see the new addition. On top of all this, I got to chat up the installation guy, who also owns his own handy-person-type business. He showed me some pictures of what he's done and I think it might be a good match to help us with mudroom as well as the garage nightmare. We'll see about some estimates. Goodbye, ugly - hello, gorgeous!
Next on the list: finishing the stupid thresholds. However, the furnace just started making funny noises, which I assume are death pangs. The thing is over 50 years old and it's probably time for it to go to furnace heaven. Sigh.


Amy said...

I am right with you on the dishwasher. I pine for one that is not portable and doesn't require that the dishes get basically cleaned before being put inside it.

Your kitchen looks completely awesome by the way!!!

Caitlin said...

Great kitchen,fine dishwasher. Congratulations! The last time I checked on your blog was last May, when I was looking at a Foursquare. I finally settled on a Cape that was built in 1950. It's not Arts & Crafts, but it's old enough to still have character and not too heavy a load to fix up.(It has no dishwasher.)