Friday, February 26, 2010

Bathroom Reno: Before Pictures

In preparation for the Bangor Foursquare Bathroom Renovation 2010, I thought I'd give you all a quick overview of why the renovation is needed and what's on its way outta here.

Let's start with the hideous vinyl floor:
See that nice burn mark on the bottom left of the picture? Nice one. You can also see the front of the existing vanity with its gold highlighted paint and those classy 1970s-esque pulls.

Then we move on to the closet. First, let me say that I'm ecstatic that we have a closet in the bathroom and one so large. Nevertheless, these doors have to go with their gold hinges and gold knobs.

Here's an inside view of the shower/tub. This cream with gold flecked tile goes all the way around the shower, including the ceiling. This should be fun to remove. You'll also notice the multiple safety handles throughout the bathroom. We bought the house from an elderly woman's estate and there were tons of these things throughout the house when we bought it. These are the last two.

Another shot of the inside of the tub surround. We'll also be getting the tub resurfaced in white at some point - probably this summer.

Here's a shot of the overhead light, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the gold. Too much gold!

Here's one thing I can't WAIT to get rid of: the toilet. This thing usually takes two flushes and seems to run at strange times. It's also just nasty and beige. Ick.

Here is the vanity (see tile that surrounds it - goes all the way around like wainscoting) with the beautiful gold faucet. Double ick.

And last but not least are the vanity lights. I like the placement of them and height of them but the olympic-torch theme has got to go. You can also see the edge of the medicine cabinet. I'm honestly not sure if I'm getting rid of it. I might try painting the frame silver and see how it looks first. You'll also note the switches - two for the lights and two for the exhaust fan and light. I'm interested to see how the rewiring goes for those. Since these vanity lights also have electrical outlets in them we're also going to need to run some wiring and put in a couple new outlets. Hopefully with the tiling taken out it will be a bit easier to run the wire (famous last words, right?). Finally, I'll probably be replacing the door with one of the original doors we have in the basement, the door trim, and the baseboards in the room since they don't match the rest of the house. Of course, these will be the last things to be done.

So, these are the collective challenges I have laid out in front of me in the next two weeks. Wish me luck as I'm sure I'll need it. I'll keep you posted with the ongoing saga.

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Why S? said...

I think I had that exact same vinyl tile in my original kitchen. What is it that that generation had with gold?