Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes, I finally fixed the doorbell

How long has it been now? At least a few months. But, yes, I finally fixed the doorbell. What was wrong with it after all that rigmarole of wondering if I needed a new transformer, wondering if it was the wiring, or the actual bell? It was the button. I feel fortunate it was the lesser of evils because my motivation has been lacking, to say the least.

So, I finally fired up the awesome Dremel Thom got me for my birthday and hacked away at the doorcasing to make the new one fit. I think it looks pretty nice. Once summer comes and we can repaint the front of the house, it will look even nicer all touched up.

In other, less exciting, news, I finally bought a tool box (well, I actually bought it back in December with my prize winnings) but I finally put actual tools in it instead of leaving them on the heap of crap that's been continuing to build on the shelves on our basement landing since we moved in two years ago (happy belated houseiversary, Bangor Foursquare :). My super sweet niece-in-law also got me an HD gift card for Christmas so I think I might continue the productivity and go buy some shelves on which to put our amassed paint and miscellaneous crap that has been piling up in the basement.

Other than that, just waiting for spring break to start on the bathroom. I was really hoping for a big, fat tax refund this year to pay for the bathtub resurfacing but no dice - the government decided to cut taxes to put more money in our pockets and now we owe money. Makes sense, doesn't it? Anyway, it looks like bathtub resurfacing will wait until summer when my grant money kicks in. We'll just have to live with a nice new bathroom with an icky old cream-colored tub for a while longer.

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