Saturday, May 24, 2008

I hate yew

That was Thom's idea for today's blog title. Well, we finally started tackling a bit of real landscaping today. I finished taking out a bunch of things that I found out were called Salomon's Seal (aka pain in my ass) and then I planted some petunias, marigolds, and some impatiens. Thom mowed the lawn with our new $130 push reel mower (it did a nice job, we think, and it wasn't any harder to push than the big honking mower we had in Louisiana, he says).

Then we did the big work. We cut down and dug out two ewes in the front of our house. The first two weren't bad but then we tried to tackle the huge one on the corner. I had to finally give up for the day on that one. Right now, it just looks like a sad bonsai. Anyway, we replaced the two ewes with some hydrangea and we'll be excited for them to get bigger and bloom. I'm thinking about a peony out front too and we still have a nice rhododendron that we'll keep. It will all look really nice once we get the two junipers out too. We're tired, that's for sure! We are going to enjoy a good ol' Wisconsin meal now - brats, party potatoes, marinated cucumbers, and baked beans - with s'mores to finish it off! We have definitely earned this not-so-good-for-us dinner!

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