Saturday, May 10, 2008

Temporary kitchen renovation

I painted the downstairs bathroom this morning with the Kilz primer and I think it will do the trick on the mold issue. We then went to the Lowe's and looked a bit at some different flooring options. Our idea is that it will be a temporary kitchen renovation - basically just updating the look of things until we can afford a major (read: expensive) renovation. So painting the cabinets makes sense. We've been struggling with the idea of painting them but it made me feel better to see that many of the original kitchen cabinets in the 1920s were also painted.

I think the next big decision will be what we do with the ceiling. When Thom peeked up under the dropped tile ceiling a couple months ago, we saw that they had knocked down all the plaster on the ceiling so we either will have to put up drywall or we can put in one of the newer dropped ceilings that have the faux tin ceiling look. We'd then have to figure out what to do about lighting so I can get rid of the godawful fluorescent light in there.


caitlin said...

Hello there! I am presently contemplating buying a foursquare here in Mass. Actually, it would be the second one I have owned in my lifetime. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find your blog about your experiences with your home, and since I love reading blogs that pertain to my interests, yours is right up my alley!
I remember in one post ( I've been reading past archives) you had stated something like nobody reads your blog, but I want to assure you, I am, so you just keep cranking those posts out, ok?
Oh, and FYI...I am actually looking for a one story ranch, but you know how it goes when you see a beautiful old house; it just speaks to you! lol. I may or may not end up with this house, but I'm going to get to see the inside this week, so I'll know more then.

Susie said...

Hi, Caitlin! It's so nice to hear from a "regular reader." Good luck in your housebuying process - although it sounds like you're pretty experienced at it (more than us, obviously).

I look forward to learning more about your experience!

sarah said...

Hey Susie - yes, we should get together downtown and share house tips! We used the IKEA wood counters too, and so far, we love them. I think they're really period-appropriate too - people in the 20s and 30s used wood all the time.

How to do this? I don't really want to post my email address! Any ideas?

Susie said...

Sarah, here's my offline email - feel free to connect and we can arrange a time to get together:
maestra74 at yahoo dot com.

I'm happy to hear someone else has gotten the countertops and likes them! I look forward to seeing you both!