Monday, May 26, 2008

Landscaping done (a.k.a. I'm exhausted)

Thom and I worked quite a bit on the yard on Saturday, took yesterday off, and I finished it up today. I got what we have determined to be the two arborvitae out of the front and finished taking up what I could of the last yew's root ball. It was no easy task and I'm hoping I did a good enough job that it won't come back up again. We went to the nursery and got a few things to replace the shrubs with:
Northern Hi-Lights Azalea - it will be a pretty yellowish-white color
Hummingbird Summersweet - it will smell nice and will attract hummingbirds
Sarah Bernhardt Peony - I've always wanted a peony and I love how they smell and look

We had planted the other annuals and the hydrangea where the other two yews were so I think it will look nice as it all develops. I also put down some mulch and I think it all looks great. Now we just have to figure out how to haul all the waste down to get composted!

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caitlin said...

A peony is great...two would look on each side of the house?
Sadly, I have decided to pass on 'my' foursquare. I went back to see it again, but it would cost so much in time, energy, and money (I am not a do-it-yourself-er)that I just couldn't.
I guess I'll just have to live vicariously thru your blog. (sigh)