Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm so ready to be done with this project

No pictures to show you because things haven't noticeably changed but it's amazing how much work goes into getting ready to do drywall. Since we're doing a bit of a patch job - using the old furring strips from what looks to have been the second ceiling of tiles - it's been shoring up some of them, reinforcing some others, pounding in nails, and just making sure things are relatively level (no such thing as really level in this old house). Anyway, a lot of work this week doing those minor things that surprisingly seem to suck up so much time.

So, yeah, we're ready to be done with this part of the kitchen. It will be nice to have a ceiling up tomorrow - even if just not to have wool insulation falling on our heads (and into our food) 24-7. We won't really have it all done and the final layers of joint compound on until probably next weekend but at least we'll have a solid surface back up there again. Here we go - bright and early tomorrow morning!

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