Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slowly but surely

I have been working on patching the holes in the kitchen wall in fits and starts. I got the first coat on all the walls tonight and Thom will be tackling the taping and first coat of mud on the ceiling this weekend. It would be great if we could have it all painted and get the lights up by next weekend. After that, I'll be working on sanding, priming, and painting the cabinets. I'm honestly a bit nervous about it but I have the trusty guide from last month's This Old House to assist me.

In the meantime, the tax man cameth but did not taketh all my money this month so I was able to order the countertop from Ikea (and almost gagged when I saw they charged over $100 for shipping up to the boondocks up here!), get the paint (where they asked me, "Are you still painting?"), the rest of the lights from Lowe's, and we'll get the new stove hood/vent from Sears and the cork floor tomorrow. We were going to get the floor from Lumber Liquidators but we also saw over $100 for shipping and said forget it. We found the kind we wanted at Home Depot for a bit less and they will ship it to the store so we can just pick it up and save that money. It's coming along!

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