Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patching the holes

We took a couple days off to celebrate our first wedding anniversary down in Portland. It was our first trip down there, despite the fact that it's only 2 hours away. It's very hip and cool and we would highly recommend it for good food and lots of fun hippie action. We had dinner at a fabulous restaurant called 555 where they made us this beautiful dessert.

Anyway, on to house stuff -- after our taping lesson from Paul the other day, we've been working a bit on patching up some of the holes in the wall (from the electrician, the crown molding, and the drop ceiling grid). It's a slow process and I admittedly am not very good at it. I've got about half the room done though and then we'll start taping the ceiling, which I have a feeling will not be so much fun. One thing at a time, though, right? After that we can get it primed, painted, and put some lights back in our kitchen!

On a related note, does anyone know where I can find a new doorbell cover? We have an old nasty plastic one that covered the actual bell in the kitchen and I can't seem to find a new one anywhere.


sarah said...

Doorbell covers - if you want to spend some $, try Modern Bungalow (in Denver, they have a web site too); another couple places for hardware type stuff are Lee Valley and Van Dykes Restorers. Not sure if they'd have the covers only or if they always have a doorbell. You could also make a pretty cool wood one, I bet! More projects - just what you need!

Tracy said...

happy anniversary dear friend. wishing you happiness on this anniversary and many more. xo.

Karen Anne said...

Doorbell stuff - don't know anything about this place, it's just a link I stored away -