Saturday, July 19, 2008

Take this job and soffit

Way before
(like before we bought it) The first strike
All soffits removed

Does this count as before and after? As in:

BEFORE: looks not so bad.

AFTER: looks like a crack house.

They do say it's always darkest before the dawn, right?

Lots of work today. We're pretty tired. We pulled down the rest of the drop ceiling metal framing on the walls and then tackled pulling down the soffits over the cabinets. It really opens up the room and we think it will look great once the cabinets are painted. Much lighter and brighter. Of course, we did find some surprises (it wouldn't be renovation in an old house without surprises).

Lots of holes in the plaster - so there will be patching this week - and lots of weird wiring - which we'll be re-routing tomorrow. We're excited, however, that we're going to get Paul's (loyal readers should need no description of Paul, super friend/awesome dude) help next weekend to get the drywall up on the ceiling.

Thom also spent an hour gingerly removing some the beautiful crown molding we found under the drop ceiling. It doesn't go all the way around the room, however, so we'll have to see if we can find something similar at a local home store and then we can put it all up after the drywall is up.

So, all in all: Huge mess, lots of dust, but it's looking better and bigger everyday.

(You better believe we're entering the contest - we need the gift card to buy some more hepa filters for the shopvac)

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