Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Open Letter to our Kitchen's Prior Contractors

Dear Lazy-Ass Contractors:

What were you thinking? My husband and I have spent the entire weekend fixing your unbelievably shoddy and ridiculous work. Whether it was removing eight nails from a small piece of molding, re-running wiring that was incorrectly installed, or pulling down the the falling plaster that was hastily smashed out. Seriously, what were you thinking?

With all our loathe,
The New Owners of the Bangor Foursquare

As we were just eating dinner I said to Thom, "I feel more exhausted than I did yesterday but what did we do today? We spent 9 hours working on the kitchen and I'm not sure what we have to show for it." What did we do today? Thom finished taking down the old crown molding (admittedly the only nice surprise hiding under that drop ceiling) as he is much more patient and gingerly about it than I am. Then we spent the rest of the day pulling wire over the old lath on the ceiling and trying to repair the mess they made of the wiring. I think the most frustrating part of the whole re-wiring saga is the fact that the electrician hired to do this did so as part of the conditions of the sale. In other words, this work was done for us just a few months ago. Knowing he was not only a lazy ass hat but that, more or less, we paid for cruddy work, it's enfuriating to have to redo it all over again.

Thank goodness, once again, for our friend Paul. We got to a point today where we felt we did all we could within our comfort range. I think that was the first time I felt really unhappy and a bit freaked out. The thought crossed my mind: What did we do? Why did we pull all this down? Did we just make a huge tiny mistake?

So, it was so cool to have Paul come over and in 30 minutes explain what we needed to do and then demonstrate it. I was able to re-wire the last bit without any problem after his marvelous demonstration. The most upsetting thing is that Thom and I are horrified that our new, wonderful friends think we're total moochers who only call them when we need something. What a terrible thing. We have decided that after this project, we're not going to do anything for a long time so we don't have to call them for anything other than to see if they want to hang out. What amazingly nice and generous friends they are and we are so lucky to have stumbled upon them.

Anyway, a few pictures to show you what's what. Believe me, it was a lot more work than it looks.

The only nice thing under the drop ceiling: the old crown molding

The eight bajillion nails that are clearly needed to put up this small piece of molding

More lovely surprises behind the soffits (random drywall?)

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