Friday, March 6, 2009

A few square feet down...about a million to go

It has been a day so far, I'll tell you that much. I ran to HD around 7:30 to pick up the tile nippers and some extension boxes for the electrical outlets and switches. Thinking this would be relatively easy to do (you'd think I'd learn by now, right?), I went downstairs, turned off the power to the outlet there on the left, and then started unscrewing them to affix the box over the receptacles. Guess what? I didn't turn off the correct breaker. Susie has experienced her first electrical shock. Hooray for the dipshit. I should say that I was lucky that it was just a bit of one and I learned me a lesson good. After calling Thom to tell him how smart his wife is, I went back down to the basement and turned them ALL off. I then proceeded to take about an hour to get them all on there (it's trickier than it looks - like most things in life) before I could resume tiling.

As I was trimming the tile to go around the now notorious outlet, I cut my hand. Duh.

After all injuries were accounted for, I was able to finish the little corner by the fridge. I now have the remaining long expanse of the counter on the other side of the kitchen but thankfully the longer run may require fewer cuts. I am, however, very happy that we invested in that little wet saw. It really makes quick work of things.

On another note, I'm not so sure about the pattern we have going. Thom said he initially liked the pattern with every three subway tiles and the three small glass tiles (he's got an OCD-like thing with numbers) but we both now think there are too few of the blues ones. Luckily, my experimental corner will be well hidden behind toaster, microwave, and blender, so if I put in a few more blue ones on the long expanse it won't make much difference. Trial and error - that should be the name of this blog.

I'm off to get me some healthy McDonald's lunch - I decided I deserve it - and then back to grind.

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