Monday, March 9, 2009

Grouting = Big Mess

Despite feeling like crud today, I finished up this puppy. Honestly, it was a huge mess and I had way more fun doing the actual tiling than the grouting. I don't know if it's just me but some of these tools are just not made for smaller women's hands and in these tighter spaces - I had a hard time with both the trowel and float. In the end, I just donned some plastic gloves and slopped in on by hand. I suppose this would have been fun if I wasn't constantly concerned about getting it all over the countertop.
Now that it's done, though, I'm pretty happy. I think there are some things I would have done differently, however, if I had to do it again: I would have made sure the walls were plumb. I would have used a smaller grout line (this was Thom's idea to have 1/8" so I blame him). And, while I like the look of the interspersed glass tiles, they were not the same depth as the subway tiles and this made it difficult to grout well. It's all fine though. And, it's done - that's the most important part.
All that's left now is to get the molding up and figure out the thresholds!

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