Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seeking advice: Gap between wall and countertop

Seeking advice from my fellow home improvement types: getting ready to tile the backsplash we realize we have a few problems that we need to address. A major one is that we have uneven walls in the kitchen. This unevenness means that the gap we have in some places between the wall and the countertop is the required 1/8" (these are Ikea wood countertops with no lip built in) and at other times it's almost 1/2". When we actually tile, then, this is going to look weird and it's also going to be an issue should water, etc. go back behind the tile.

I think what we should have done when we installed the countertop, of course, would have been to scribe for the differences but we're past that point. What suggestions do you all have for rectifying this one? Thanks for any thoughts in advance.


Todd Fratzel, P.E. said...

The best thing to do is to remove the countertops and scribe them. Countertops are easy to scribe using a belt sander. Just use a compass to scribe the back then sand down the high points.

Susie said...

Thanks, Todd - we did it the right way. I'm always just lazy, looking for an easier way out :)

Todd Fratzel, P.E. said...

@ Susie - Glad you took the extra step, you'll be very glad in the end once all the back-splash is in place.