Sunday, July 10, 2011

Powder Room Reno: Day 2

Despite the sun still being up, I may have to throw in the towel on my first full day of working on this renovation. I must have gotten ridiculously lucky when I removed the vinyl from the upstairs bathroom last year because this stuff has been a bitch and a half to get out. Unlike the vinyl upstairs that came up in nice long sheets, this vinyl only came up an inch at a time and only with much prodding and cajoling. You can see what ended up being my tools of the trade below:

After about 3 hours, I got the stuff all up but am now left with the glue:
After spending an hour hacking away with the putty knife, I decided that I might try a little heat to warm up the glue and make it more pliable. The hair dryer worked well and I almost got the entire span of the smaller piece of plywood cleaned when I felt my back do a little tingly-popping thing. Yeesh. It's time to call it a day before I incapacitate myself fully. One thing is for certain, I am out of shape and forgot how much stamina it takes to do this work. Thank goodness it's a small little room... I'll try again tomorrow morning, peeps.

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