Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Powder Room Reno: Day 4 (sigh)

Sometimes I think this blog should serve as a what-not-to-do for DIYers. Today's (first?) mistake: removing the bathroom vent/light on the wall to only discover that the one I purchased is not intended for wall installation. In fact, very few vents with lights included seem to be intended for wall mounting. I know that by code I am required to have a vent in the bathroom but part of me is thinking of skipping it. Sigh. I could then have a nice light instead... blah. I need to think on this.


Sharon said...

I feel for you on the fan. We went back and forth for days with our contractor trying to choose a fan. I wanted something pretty, but nothing "pretty" met our stupid codes.

We compromised. They installed an ugly modern fan with plastic cover and before finish they'll install a metal grate salvaged from our kitchen over it.

Karen Anne said...

Regular bathrooms now require fans? At least in your area?

I mean, why, is this supposed to make them less damp or something? Like for decades bathrooms have been perfectly fine without them (and I hate the noise.) At least some business place bathrooms I have been in have separate switches for the fan and light, so I can avoid turning on the former.