Monday, September 1, 2008

Cool find - I almost forgot!

I forgot to mention that yesterday when we were putting the doors and drawers back in the cabinets that Thom ran across these calendars on the bottom of one of the cabinets. They're all from 1978 - it seems like the decor was certainly from the '70s so maybe this is when the construction took place. If you look closely, they're all Jewish calendars with Hebrew, etc. We both grew up Gentile so we can't tell you much about them besides that but we've enjoyed learning more about the Jewish tradition of this neighborhood and this house. (Did I ever mention that we found mezuzahs in the doors and kept them up there? Well, we did.) It seems much of the neighborhood was built in the 1920s after The Great Fire to be within walking distance of the synagogues downtown. We like to pay homage to the home's history in whatever ways we can and learning more about the Jewish culture is one way we're doing that.


Jennifer said...

Very cool! I love finding old things.

Ginger said...

Beautiful work! I also got a toolkit when I went off to college and it was the best, most useful gift of all. I wish it was pink!