Saturday, September 13, 2008

New range hood

Ah, fair readers, we have returned with another kitchen project. After our hiatus, we decided to accomplish one more item on the Punch List: our new range hood. The old one worked intermittently and it was so disgustingly loud that I couldn't wait to get rid of it. This one now matches our fridge and range and is deliciously quiet. All that is left of the original ugliness is our dishwasher (well, and the floor of course). I'm supposed to get a bit of a check from my upcoming book so I think I may use the proceeds to buy that. 

Even better news, we didn't argue. It may be that we were trying to do too much at once or that we did projects that were too lengthy but this one, while not necessarily the easiest, was rather short and sweet (if you consider two hours short). The main trouble we ran into was getting the space in the back by the existing drywall to accommodate the wire. It required a bit of carving but we finally got it right. The floor is the last big project and that will probably be in a few more weeks. I'm anxious to have it done but have decided to let Thom and Paul do it. It's tough for me to have the last big project be done by someone else but I think it's good for the guys to have some bonding time and for me to be a little less Type A.

What's left on the Punch List:
* Molding
* Trim on top of cabinets
* Tile backsplash
* Floor
* Water connected to fridge/freezer

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