Monday, September 1, 2008

Giving thanks

Loyal readers know of my frequent shout-outs to people (like our friend Paul) who have helped us. Today I give thanks to the other important players in the kitchen renovation thus far: the tools. I'm sure I'll be able to identify a few more as we finish up the floor and put the molding back up but up to this point, these have been the starring actors in a supporting role:

Today's Savior: The Cabinet Hole Maker Thingee

We saw them at the store and we said, "Nah, we don't need it. We can measure." It's totally worth the three bucks, believe me. Once we had this thing we could just zip along making holes perfectly in proportion to all the rest. Totally worth it. Totally.
The Pinch Hitter: Paul's Awesome Drill

We bought a drill back before we got the house and I admit it, we bought a cheap one. It's kind of like eating low fat ice cream for a long time and then suddenly eating the real stuff - ooh, baby, it's gooooood. Paul's drill is the real ice cream. Ours is the froofy low fat stuff that's totally a piece of crap.
The Small Things in Life: A Good Tape Measure

This was another learning experience. We have a few cheapie tape measures but Paul's rocks the house. It's sturdy, it stays where you want it, and it's 25 feet long. You can't shake a stick at anything that would be longer.
The Underdog: Lady's Mate Tool Kit

Many have laughed at it but all have come to respect it. My mom bought me this tool kit back in college and it has been nothing but awesome incarnate. It has everything you need: hammer, tape measure (granted, a cheapie one - see above - but it works), both types of screwdrivers, a utility knife, a wrench, needle-nose pliers, electrical tape, assorted screws and nails, and a scissors. Not to mention that it's ALL pink. Hell yeah.

Thank you, dear friends - you were the true heroes in this production. I look forward to many more cherished moments with you again (well, not Paul's stuff...we have to give that back).


sarah said...

My special tape measure is for lefties - we tend to read the tape upside down and your brain often substracts instead of adds upside down - making all the measurements off! The lefty version is AWESOME. And it also have one side of the scale in decimals - which is great for going quickly from calculator to measurement.

Karen Anne said...

Pink? Man :-)

I had a bright red toolkit once that everyone laughed at, but I loved. Eventually the bottom rusted out and I haven't been able to find a red metal one except in a kind of putrid orange red.

That Cabinet Hole Maker Thingee, uh, what does it do?

Susie said...

KA :) -

It allows you to line up the plastic thing against the corner of the door and then you can consistently drill holes in the doors in the same place. Same thing on the drawers but then it provides the spacing if you're putting on pulls, like we did.

Hooray for fun tool boxes!

Jennifer said...

Nice! i wish WE had had a cabinet measure thingy!