Monday, September 1, 2008

No witty title

I'm tired so not quite verbose but wanted to share that I got the drawers and most of the doors back on the cabinets today after cleaning out the entire contents of said cabinets and wiping them down. We also finished sealing the countertop so all should be ready to go. We went perusing for tile for the backsplash today but have not yet come to a decision. Thom is definitely sold on the shape of the subway tile but I'm not sure if slate or regular white ceramic is the way to go. I think the white would be classic and easy to clean but I love slate. Dunno.

I think tomorrow will be mostly a day off - maybe mopping the filthy floor and finally doing some dishes. I guess I'll put the cabinet hardware on, at the very least, so as to not mess up the nicely painted surface. Good night...


Karen Anne said...

Looks gorgeous..

A. said...

Great work.

Ginger said...

Holy cow you guys have been busy! Thom--lots of blog love for you, buddy! The countertops rock.
Your kitchen looks so beautiful and clean, I'll bet you're going to love cooking again.
I really can't wait to see the I'll stay posted!

Jennifer said...

I'd go with ceramic since it's easier to clean and much more classic... I do have a slate floor in my bathroom, though.