Monday, September 1, 2008

"It looks bigger, doesn't it?"

I think that after putting the cabinet doors back on last night and then the new hardware today I really started "feeling it." I think up to that point I was really fixated on all the little issues and problems instead of seeing the big picture. Seeing it today now makes me realize that we really have come a long way. I am starting to feel it now - yes, it looks better. Of course we have lots of little things to do (and a big thing: the floor) but it's better. We keep walking in and saying, "It looks bigger, doesn't it?" Definitely doing away with the dark cabinets and wainscoting was a good decision. Anyway, all in all, I am happy - despite my Type A tendencies. 


Jennifer said...

That one little corner looks great!

Why S? said...

I think we're on parallel paths. Over Labor Day, we started installing our Ikea butcher block counters. They're beautiful! And yeah, the whole room does look bigger. And next up, new floor.