Sunday, April 27, 2008

No painting today - carpet frustrations

We had to make a run to the vet emergency room this morning. While she's fine, it cost quite a chunk of change - enough to stave off buying paint for another week or so. It will give me some time to finish the skim coating under the hallway window, anyway. After watching Paul do it yesterday it seems relatively easy -- but these things always look easier when someone else is doing it.

In the meantime, we're thinking about putting in some carpet to replace the ugly goldenrod carpeting. I went to the area carpet store and when I asked if they had 100% wool carpeting the guy looked a little flummoxed. He finally found some (2 samples) and then asked me why I thought I needed wool. I told him that we were trying to do some more green renovations and that petroleum based carpets have off-gassing effects in your house. He looked at me like I was green. Clearly, this concept has not yet reached all vendors in the Bangor area. We found a place in Ellsworth - Ellsworth Building Supply - that has tons of green products like marmoleum and lots of wool carpet. I know it's spendy but I think it will be worth it for just the hallway upstairs and the stairway.

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