Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three cheers for Wallwik!

Well, in my desperation a few hours ago I did a search on removing wallpaper from unprimed drywall and then decided to consult the Wallwik website. This is the product I saw on an Ask This Old House episode a few months ago and then ordered it online. It's been great for getting the stuff off the plaster. The website suggested using the product but scoring it a little less, letting the sheets sit on for an hour (instead of 20 minutes like normal), wetting it down every 20 minutes, and then using a plastic scraper. Well, it wasn't easy but we got it off and the drywall is still intact! Hooray for Wallwik! I definitely recommend this product - not only is it environmentally friendly but it has taken off all the different kinds (and ages) of wallpaper we've found in the house. It's totally worth the $40.

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LondonTim said...

I really love Wallwik too! I bought a new house recnetly and every room had 20 year old wallpaper. Wallwik made the whole job very easy. Why do they only seem to sell it online? Does anyone know of any stores that stock it?