Saturday, April 5, 2008

One more down...only 1 more to go!

I finished the guest bedroom today. The color (Sherwin Williams Celery) is not exactly what I was hoping for - it's a little bright - but it looks nice regardless. We really agonized over this color as I was afraid it would be a bit too light but we have had some hit-and-miss with their color in relation to the little strip of paper sample. For the rooms downstairs, we actually found that the color was a shade or so darker than what it looked on the piece of paper so I erred in that direction with this room and was sorry to find out that it was pretty true to form. I think it may have something to do with the base color - upstairs was Extra White and I'm not sure that was what we had downstairs as a base. Who knows. Anyway, I'll find some cool fabric and stuff to make curtains and I think I'm also going to reupholster the chair in there too.


Jennifer said...

Well, it does look nice! Sorry it wasn't the color you were hoping for, but it's nice and crisp.

MN Painters Network said...

I've always loved Sherwin-Williams paint and think the celery looks just fine.

--Mark the Painter
MN Painters Network