Tuesday, April 29, 2008

*choke* *sputter* How much?

We got an estimate for painting one side of our house. Yes, one side. We think that the previous owners only painted one side of the house at a time and I didn't really get that...until now. The very nice people who came to give us our estimate guesstimated around $5,000. Are you choking at that? Well, I did. Maybe I'm just being overly naive about this - but I had absolutely no idea painting a house cost that much. Of course, this would also entail scraping off the peeling paint and sanding and removing all the old paint, priming, and then two coats of paint but, still...$5,000?!?! Thom and I had considered doing this ourselves until the snow melted and we could get over to that side of the house and we looked up and thought, "Hmm. Yeah. No." It's kind of high up there and I'm kind of afraid. We'll get another couple estimates, I guess.  But, still, really?


Scott said...

Rent scaffolding and go at it. Be aware that it'll be god awful work, plus the cleanup, plus potential lead.... So... Yeah.. $5k is a good baseline.

I'd recommend getting at least 2 more estimates from people along with detailed descriptions of what process they will use and how far back they intend to take it.

Highly doubt anyone will take ALL the old paint off, rather pushing it back to a stable base, priming, skimming, painting.

Jennifer said...

Wow... that is a lot. Based on what Scott said, it's probably a good estimate... but it's exactly why we don't even bother getting estimates anymore! We just figure we can't afford it and figure it out or go without. :)