Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thom did it

"I can do it," I offered. He replied, "No, I want some blog love. All I ever see is, 'Oh, Susie!' 'Susie is so wonderful, Susie is so amazing.' Where's my blog love?" So, Thom, here it is: your blog love. 

Thom worked on the last bit of the countertop adjustment today as I was finishing painting the trim in the kitchen. He worked that puppy good too -- he sanded the little bit of a lip that we had on the butt joint above and now it's bootiful! Way to go, dude!

We also just finished putting on the first coat of the Behandla wood treatment oil on the countertop. You can see what it looks like before above and below with a coat of oil on it. It's just gorgeous and really soaks up that oil. We'll have to put a couple more coats on yet today and then let it dry but it will look really nice, I'm sure.
As I said (and you can see above and below) I also finished painting the trim and doors in the kitchen too. I took a bit of a hiatus yesterday to help with move-in at school. All of the first-year students' enthusiasm made me a bit nostalgic, remembering good times and what seemed to be much simpler times too. With this in mind - as well as my exhaustion - I've decided to put off the floor for a week or two. While I'm itching to have it all done and get out of this chaotic mess, I fear my energy and my patience has temporarily run dry. Besides, it will give us a chance to re-group and figure out what the heck we need to do to put this floor down. Anyone else done one of these floating floors? Tips? 
However, all is not lost to exhaustion. I'm going to run to Lowe's and get the cabinet hardware today and perhaps I'll put the drawers and doors back on tomorrow. The idea to replace the drawer slides is a bust, though. All of our drawer boxes are open (i.e., no sides of the cabinet box) so there is no support for us to put in the new fangled ones I wanted. Oh well. I also need to work on getting the crown molding back up and get a few new pieces made. Onward!


sarah said...

Wow - what a difference you guys! It looks awesome. I can't believe how quickly you got it all pulled together.

Tracy said...

Thom! Gorgeous work! Way to go!

The kitchen is looking just beautiful. I know you're not done yet, but I can really see how it's all coming together.

Props also to Thom for mentioning INXS in the comments of the last post. It totally made me swoon!

Tracy said...

Oh, and huzzah for breaks! Rest is delicious, especially after hard work.

Karen Anne said...

I really really like what the kitchen is looking like.

I'm about to have wood flooring put in. I'm a bit too old and creaky to do it myself. I did rip out the carpeting, staples, etc. myself, I get points for that, right :-). The subfloor is not level, it slopes a bit to one end. If the floor guy says anything useful about that I will post it, but that may not be before you get to your flooring.