Thursday, November 15, 2007

I look forward to sleeping again when this is over

Well, another hour passes, another item is added to the list of things to stress about. It looks like the sellers are not all that keen on spending more money beyond the wiring. They said they might be willing to fix the chimney if we went up on our offer price. After talking to Thom, I think this is worth it -- within reason, of course. I think I felt a bit taken advantage of last week, trying to be nice considering they grew up in this house and their mother just died, yadda, yadda, yadda. I also thought that we would have to spend a lot rather soon on things like a new furnace, a new roof, etc. Finding out that, besides the chimney, the house is in excellent condition, I now think that we're getting a great deal on the house. If it only costs a few thousand to fix it, I think we'd be willing to go up in price. Our realtor also mentioned that we could split the difference, which would be even better.

I guess they're going to get an estimate today so we'll know soon, I guess. Neither Thom nor I slept well last night thinking about all of this so it will be nice to know it's all done - one way or another. Of course, I'd rather we just got this house that I now am desperately in love with...if we have to start this whole process all over again I may need to go on medication.

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