Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let the planning begin!

Okay, now we're ready to get serious and start planning home renovations! Woo hoo!

Here's what we're thinking. I'll be using my summer salary probably for the next several years so much of the major work we'll be doing will be at that time. We'll be doing some small things over the rest of the time (i.e., not expensive projects).

February/March (first items):
New appliances for kitchen
New washing machine
Refinish (or hire someone to refinish) living and dining room floors
Tear down wallpaper in kitchen and master bedroom
Paint kitchen, master bedroom, dining and living rooms
Install inexpensive, temporary flooring in kitchen (to hide ugly vinyl)
Clean and freshen kitchen cabinets

Tear down wallpaper in other bedrooms
Paint other bedrooms
Tear down wallpaper in bathrooms
Paint bathrooms

Paint exterior side of house
New gutters installed
Tear down wallpaper in hallway and stairwell
Paint and/or install new wallpaper in hallway and stairwell
Renovate kitchen - new countertops, lighting, flooring, storage items in existing drawers/cabinets
Build and install banquette in kitchen
Update bathroom - resurface tub, update fixtures, install new sink and vanity, new lighting, flooring, toilet

Landscaping-new flower bulbs
Fix back porch

Next summer:
Fix back porch
New deck/patio
Remove screens on front porch
Update bathrooms (if not yet done)
New garage

Two summers from now:
Begin attic addition
Update wiring
New garage and/or deck (if not yet done)

General upkeep and repairs:
We will need to keep an eye on foundation on front porch, furnace, chimney, roof, and basement
Repainting exterior

Wow! Lots of work to do but it is awfully exciting. Hopefully, after paying for our oil heat we'll still have some money leftover to do these things!

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