Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I think I might cry

After spending an hour this morning signing my life away to a mortgage (well, at least the next 30 years), we heard tonight from our realtor that now, at the last minute, the sellers don't want to remove all of the knob and tube wiring in the attic floor. Our understanding was that they were going to take care of all of it (that's why we went through with the inspection and certainly the application for the mortgage). Thom thinks they're doing this because they think, "Hey, these idiots are upping the asking price to take care of the chimney problems so what the heck...maybe they'll pay for this too!" I don't know what I think. I know that I will be heartbroken if this falls through and we told our realtor that if they don't fix this we will have to walk away -- again, we're back at the whole "we can't get insurance on this house" thing. I'm soooooo sad.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us - I hope they're just bluffing.

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