Monday, March 15, 2010

Bathroom Day 17 (well, part of the day, anyway)

I couldn't resist doing a bit more before going to work this morning. I ran to HD to trade out the faucet for the sink and picked up a plywood blade for my jigsaw (After all, what would a day be like without at least one visit to a box store? I seriously think I may go through withdrawal after this project is done). I then came home and tackled cutting out the bottom of our new vanity. Ugh. That's rough. You buy something new and then destroy it. A necessary evil, thanks to our screwy plumbing that comes through the floor. It's not pretty, but it fits. I guess we really only keep toilet paper and toilet cleaner under there so they don't care what it looks like.

I then attached the new faucet (one that actually fits) to the top. I still need to connect the vanity to the wall and the top to the vanity, as well as the plumbing, but you get the idea. We'll see how I feel after work tonight and maybe I'll try to finish this up. It comes with a granite backsplash piece but I'm thinking about leaving it off. What do you think?
Anyway, after some new chrome pulls and a coat of paint on the beadboard, I think it will look nice. We'll get the lights and stuff next weekend probably unless I'm feeling more ambitious than I anticipate this week before and after work.


sarah said...

Yes to backsplash - not for looks, but function.

By the way - nice job getting going even with the time change! I'm so not on daylight saving time (or are we in standard time now? I never know) yet.

Gretchen said...

I vote yes backsplash as well for function, helps keep water out of where it's not supposed to be. Looking great!

Karen Anne said...

I get a lot of water behind my faucets. I would definitely have a backsplash.

Susie said...

Thanks, ladies! I will install it today.