Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bathroom Reno Day 8.46-8.99

Woot for half of the backerboard being up! Woot for Thom helping Susie do it! Woot, woot for not killing each other in the process! I'm ecstatic. While I had really hoped to have it all up by the end of today, I'm nevertheless happy that we got the ceiling done (I really hate having to lift stuff over my head) and the big wall done. The last two side walls are the complicated ones so I'd rather wait and make sure it's done right. Then I can tape and mud the corners and seams tomorrow and then maybe I can at least get the Ditra laid down for the floor. It just feels so good to be finally building rather than tearing down. I guess that's a good feeling for life in general.

So, verdict on working with the DensShield so far: LOVE it. It's really pretty light, super easy to cut with a utility knife, just as easy to screw into the studs, and it has that nice Smurfy color to boot. My only tip: wear glasses and long sleeves with this stuff. It has a layer of glass in it so it gets itchy on your skin just like insulation.

Thanks again to Sarah for the help and ride to the dump. I thank you and so do my neighbors who no longer have to look at an old, nasty toilet. It was a good day.


Tracy said...

Life is always giving us all sorts of life lessons, isn't it? Looks like good progress (on the renovation)!

Jayne said...

Great progress! I feel for you on this reno.