Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bathroom Reno Day 11

> This is how Day 11 started, after my first trip of the day to a box store to buy a diamond-tipped tile cutting bit for my drill. Worked pretty nicely, huh? I then used this little saw thing to widen it a bit. I felt pretty good about it. I then thought, hey, I'll have this tiling gig wrapped up by noon so I can move on to the beadboard. Um, yeah, not so much. For some reason I cannot comprehend, it actually took me longer to do the little side walls of the tub surround than it did for the one large wall altogether. I assume this had to do with all the cutting, but geez already. I just finished the last of the tiling around 5pm. So here's what she looks like now before the grouting:
There were some problem areas on these two sides but hopefully the grout will mask a few of the evils. I guess if anybody looks that closely and complains they shouldn't be in my shower in the first place, right?

Tomorrow is all about the walls, I hope. It would be nice to get them done, put in the new medicine cabinet I got, and maybe start on the Ditra for the floor - but I shouldn't press my luck. I guess I just need to start considering that whenever I think something is going to take me 2 hours, let's say, it's probably going to take me 4 hours in total. So, if I assume I'll have the beadboard in by noon I will probably have it done by 5pm. I'm off to mooch a shower off another friend...

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